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Yamaha C3X Grand
  • Yamaha C3X Grand

    Yamaha C3X Grand Piano


    In setting out to design a piano that could resonate with the pianist, the designers of the CX Series have created instruments that can truly sing.


    The CFX full concert grand piano, built on the knowledge, techniques, and experience gained during this long period, with craftsmen pouring everything they knew into the creation of an instrument that took bold new steps in piano design, all with the aim of attaining sonic perfection.


    The brand new CX Series extends this work further, offering a clear sound with a perfect attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form.  The end result is a series of instruments that is refined in tone, yet bold in design.


    Nothing compares to the touch, tone and beauty of a Yamaha piano. Now with Piano AR, it’s never been easier to envision the piano of your dreams in your home.


    Step 1: Scan the QR

    Step 2: Tap the AR icon and scan the area where you would like to place the selected piano

    Step 3: Listen to the piano by tapping on it [iOS only]


    When you order online with Renaissance, you will also recieve:


    • Matching adjustable piano stool

    • Free delivery (using our specialist piano movers) within mainland UK*
    • 10 year warranty across all of our piano range


      Returns Policy

      As an independent company we aim to ensure all of our customers are satisfied.


      If the item has been received in a damaged condition or for any reason is not working as it should, we will first offer a repair.


      Refund Policy

      If the item cannot be repaired - we will offer a full refund to our customers for the purchase that has been made and arrange a return.


      Please note we do not offer refunds if the instrument is in fully working order.


      UK Delivery

      Our UK based delivery service is provided by own very own logistics team so that you can relax and wait for your new instrument to arrive. 


      Once your purchase has been made we will be in contact to arrange a delivery slot time that best suits you.


      Worldwide Shipping

      Our shipping policy includes an option for a worldwide delivery, subject to any underlying trade embargo's.


      We can offer a worldwide delivery service on all of our pianos and will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

    • SPECS


      • Width 149cm (59")
      • Height: 101cm (40")
      • Depth: 186cm (6'1")
      • Weight: 290kg (638lbs)
      • Number of keys: 88
      • White keys: Ivorite
      • Black keys: Natural ebony
      • Pedals: Damper, Sostenuto and Soft (Key shift)
      • Hammer type: CX Series Special
      • Lid prop safety stop: Yes
      • Lid/fallboard locks: Yes
      • Soft-fall fallboard: Yes
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