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Custom Paint Finish

Custom Paint Finish Service for your Piano.

Prices from £590


We now offer a service of custom paint finish to create a completely unique piano suited to your home.


This finish gives a modern look and the paint colour can be matched with either the shades of your desired room or a different colour to make your piano pop.


This professional refinishing includes the service of labour, paint costs and materials - photos show the example of our latest custom work, which we finished in a Farrow & Ball 'dead flat' type paint.


Our prices vary on the size of the piano:


  • Small compact upright full size keyboard (see photos) £590

  • Standard size upright Yamaha U1 size £680

  • Large size  upright Yamaha U3 size £720

  • Small grand piano £840

  • Medium size grand piano £860

  • Large size grand £980


Please get in touch with us if you would like further information

or to book your custom piano paint finish service with Renaissance.

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