KEMBLE Classic Upright in Walnut

Fully reconditioned by us at Renaissance.


  • Year of manufacture: 1980
  • Dimensions (cm): H 110 W 131 D 48
  • Features: Smallest full size piano
  • Tone: mellow, full, precise
  • Condition: Excellent, fully reconditioned
  • Range: 7octaves, 85 keys
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Finance: 0% (subject to application)
  • UK-wide delivery possible
  • Free local area London delivery to ground floor


Kemble Pianos

Established in 1911 by Michael Kemble in London. In 1968 Kemble relocated to a modern plant in Milton Keynes. Kemble made other brands of piano over the years includeing, Brinsmead, Crammer, B.Squire, Squire & Longson, Rogers Eungblut, Moore & Moore and Renn. Chappell pianos were manufactured under licence until the year 2000 and Schmidt Flohr pianos were made for a swiss company. Yamaha brought the company in 1976 Kemble now only make Kemble pianos and select amount of Yamaha models.

KEMBLE-YAMAHA Classic Upright

SKU: Kemble Classic Refurb
Color: Walnut Polish