Atlas Upright Piano


  • Similar model to Yamaha U1 upright piano
  • Hand-built in Hammatsu, Japan (home to Yamaha and Kawai)
  • Fully restored
  • Lovely warm sound/tone, good bass and bell-like treble
  • Excellent action
  • Approximate age of manufacture: 1986
  • Dimensions H121 W153 D61 cm
  • Full 88-note keyboard
  • Practice pedal
  • Black polish finish with solid brass fittings
  • Special features: Chippendale legs
  • Matching adjustable piano stool
  • 10 year warranty


Atlas Pianos

Atlas Piano is one of the top piano manufacturers in Japan, yet not well known in the UK. but if you go deeper into their history, you will find that Atlas pianos are comparable to Yamaha and Kawai, possi